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Our First Book
Democracy more than just Elections
By: Brigalia Bam

Brigalia Bam headed the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for 12 years from 1999 until 2011 and has intimate knowledge of the mechanics of elections in South Africa and in many other African countries where the IEC was called upon to observe or assist with electoral procedure.

The IEC has gained a reputation for well-managed elections that many say can be directly attributed to her leadership. Bam recently launched autobiography ‘Democracy - More than just Elections’, which is not only a chronicle of her career, but an account of South Africa’s success in managing elections in challenging situations, in some of the most troubled parts of Africa.

Rev Abraham Maja's Biography
By: Sariel Matlala 

Rev Abraham Maja's Biography is out now.

To order a copy through the Ethical Foundation for Leadership Excellence contact us on 079 200 9429 or complete our contact form on the contact page.

It's a must-read.

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Currently the Foundation offers expert and professional programmes that are geared at nurturing the spirit of excellence and ethical leadership among participants, and these are:
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